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Giving Opportunities

Help close the gap!

Do you realize that tuition and fees cover only about 85% of the real cost of a Syracuse University education? Your giving helps close that gap, enabling SU to provide the students of today—and tomorrow—with unique educational experiences and the tools they need to succeed in a world that’s ever more complex.

Support the part of SU that means the most to you

Whether your passion lies on the SU campus or in any of SU’s regional or international centers, you can direct your gift accordingly. You can, for example, support:

  • The dean’s fund in your school or college
  • Student scholarships
  • Faculty recruitment and retention
  • Academic programs
  • Units like the Syracuse University Library or Hendricks Chapel
  • Facilities
  • Research
  • Local programming
Or you can give an unrestricted gift—doing so enables Syracuse University to channel those funds to the areas of greatest need. But regardless of how you designate your gift, it will make a real difference to SU students! Learn how easy it is to give.