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How to Give

A Simple, Four-Step Plan for Giving

What, how, and when you give can be as unique as you are. Unsure of where to begin? Here’s a simple, four-step plan to get you started on your path to personal philanthropy.

Step 1: Dream Big!

Maybe you’d like to give a deserving student a brighter future by funding a scholarship. Or help SU attract a world-renowned educator by endowing a chair or professorship. Or partner with us to create a completely new academic program—something no other university has ever attempted. Whatever your dream is, your gifts to Syracuse University can bring it to life.

Step 2: Think About Your Assets

Cash is just one type of asset you can give. There are many others that can have tremendous value to Syracuse University, from appreciated stocks to real estate, business interests to life insurance. Each has its own unique benefits.

Step 3: Think About How—And When—You Want to Give

Do you need great wealth to make a significant gift? No. By combining various types of gifts over the course of your lifetime, you can accomplish great things.

  • Annual gifts create an essential bridge between tuition and the actual cost of an SU education. They can be unrestricted, allowing them to be directed toward the University’s highest priorities, or designated to support scholarships, dean’s funds, or other areas that may have special meaning to you.
  • Outright gifts of cash, appreciated securities, real estate, or business or partnership interests can provide an immediate benefit to SU—by supporting a wide range of program initiatives, scholarships, research projects, and capital improvements—and to you, in the form of tax deductions.
  • Bequests and other deferred gifts provide funds for SU to use at a later date. A charitable gift annuity is an especially attractive type of deferred gift. It enables you to receive a fixed annual income for life—typically at rates higher than CDs. Plus, a portion of that income may be tax-free!

Step 4: Contact Us

The most powerful gifts are often the result of a well-thought-out combination of annual, outright, and deferred gifts. Our gift planning experts will work with you and your legal, tax, and other advisors to design an integrated giving strategy that benefits both you and SU. We think you’ll be surprised to learn just how significant your giving—and your impact on future generations—can be.

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