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Who got their start at SU?

Nearly 5,000 people in the San Francisco Bay Area can say they got their start at Syracuse University. Armed with their degrees and shaped by their experiences on and off the SU campus, these individuals are making a difference and finding success in northern California and beyond. Meet Roger Gershman ’86, Elizabeth O’Neal ’11, Krista Canfield ’03, Katelin DeStefano ’10, Peter Hébert ’99, Chad Rittgers ’01, and Shay Zak ’84 by clicking on their names below!

Read about these other successful Bay Area alums too: Paulette Altmaier G’79, Hank Greenwald ’57, Philip Kaplan ’97, Jim Morris ’77, G’78, and Todd Rubin ’04.

  • Meet Leo Wong ’14 photo

    Meet Leo Wong ’14

    Recent graduate and Los Angeles native Leo Wong ’14 has launched his advertising career in the City by the Bay.

  • Katharine James ’12 ‘flourishing’ at Bay Area gallery photo

    Katharine James ’12 ‘flourishing’ at Bay Area gallery

    Katharine James '12 has a new job at the ultra-hip Catharine Clark Gallery in San Francisco, where she works as a gallery associate.

  • Meet Barnett Klane ’13 photo

    Meet Barnett Klane ’13

    Entrepreneur Barnett Klane ’13 says San Francisco is where he needs to be to advance his career. “I knew it would be the place for me to expand my capabilities as a web developer," he says.