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Who got their start at SU?

Nearly 5,000 people in the San Francisco Bay Area can say they got their start at Syracuse University. Armed with their degrees and shaped by their experiences on and off the SU campus, these individuals are making a difference and finding success in northern California and beyond. Meet Roger Gershman ’86, Elizabeth O’Neal ’11, Krista Canfield ’03, Katelin DeStefano ’10, Peter Hébert ’99, Chad Rittgers ’01, and Shay Zak ’84 by clicking on their names below!

Read about these other successful Bay Area alums too: Paulette Altmaier G’79, Hank Greenwald ’57, Philip Kaplan ’97, Jim Morris ’77, G’78, and Todd Rubin ’04.

  • Sean Kenney ’12 photo

    Sean Kenney ’12

    For Sean Kenney ’12, Syracuse University provided both the education and network to launch a successful career in the best ways possible—confident, curious, and connected.

  • Education and Inspiration photo

    Education and Inspiration

    Peter Su L’94 switched career gears when he went from being an engineer to earning a degree from the Syracuse University College of Law. Now a partner in the Silicon Valley office of Dentons law firm, Su has many fond memories of his time on campus,

  • Engineering a Career  photo

    Engineering a Career

    Bill Halpin ’88, G’95, G’05 was considering a career in the law, but a trusted mentor in the College of Engineering and Computer Science changed his mind.

  • Honoring the story of Filipino American farm workers photo

    Honoring the story of Filipino American farm workers

    Patty Enrado G'90 has told the story of Filipino American farm workers in her book "A Village in the Fields."

  • Promoting sports on a global scale  photo

    Promoting sports on a global scale

    Adam Lippard ’93, head of Global Sports and Entertainment Consulting for GMR Marketing in San Francisco and a member of the Syracuse University's San Francisco Regional Council, credits SU with preparing him for his successful career.

  • Designs for Quality Aging photo

    Designs for Quality Aging

    Barbara Knickerbocker Beskind ’45, age 92, is a conceptual designer at top Silicon Valley firm IDEO, where she works to discover how various technologies and materials can be used to solve the problems of aging and low vision.

  • She Doodles for Google photo

    She Doodles for Google

    Lydia Nichols ’07 has one of the coolest jobs in the world ... she doodles for Google.

  • Prepping for the World Cup photo

    Prepping for the World Cup

    Elizabeth "Liz" Hogan ’11 is preparing for the World Cup in Women's Lacrosse. Read more.

  • Trail Blazer photo

    Trail Blazer

    Beth Mowins G’90, who started her broadcasting career at a local radio station in Homer, New York, is the first female to call Oakland Raiders preseason games.

  • Meet Ezra Broder ’05 photo

    Meet Ezra Broder ’05

    Connecticut native Ezra Broder ’05, relocated to the Bay Area, is now the president-elect of the NorCal Orange Alumni Club. “My four years at Syracuse help define who I am today,” he says.  “I wasn’t just an Orangeman for four years; I am one for life!”

  • Tyson Hubbard L’08 photo

    Tyson Hubbard L’08

    Tyson Hubbard L’08, who grew up in the small Upstate New York town of Throop, now works at Downey Brand LLP, the largest law firm in Sacramento. “The legal reasoning, writing, and communication skills taught by my Syracuse professors have positioned me to do excellent work on behalf of my clients,” he says.

  • Bay Area Alumnus Brings Local History to Life photo

    Bay Area Alumnus Brings Local History to Life

    Jack Fiorito ’59 has been recognized for his work with Bay Area landmarks. Last year, the Town of Tiburon (Calif.) Heritage & Arts Commission presented him with its annual Heritage Preservation Award.

  • Meet Barnett Klane ’13 photo

    Meet Barnett Klane ’13

    Entrepreneur Barnett Klane ’13 says San Francisco is where he needs to be to advance his career. “I knew it would be the place for me to expand my capabilities as a web developer," he says.

  • Christopher Sotiropulos ’10 photo

    Christopher Sotiropulos ’10

    California native Christopher Sotiropulos ’10 considers his decision to leave family and friends to attend Syracuse University one of the best choices he’s ever made.

  • Sacchi Patel ’09, G’11 photo

    Sacchi Patel ’09, G’11

    Sacchi Patel’s favorite Syracuse University memories are atmospheric and athletic—the first time he saw lightning during a snowstorm, and watching SU basketball with his close friends.

  • Roger Gershman ’86 photo

    Roger Gershman ’86

    Roger Gershman ’86, founder and CEO of WealthGuard Inc., credits his SU experience with being instrumental in his success. “SU ignited my desire to never stop learning, and taught me you need a strong work ethic in order to attain your goals,” he says.

  • Elizabeth O′Neal ′11 photo

    Elizabeth O′Neal ′11

    Elizabeth O’Neal ′11, a Connecticut native, has found success in the City by the Bay as the creative director of a digital marketing agency. One of her favorite Syracuse University memories is of jumping on the roof of the Carrier Dome right before graduation. “It was the greatest feeling—like being on top of the world!” she says.

  • Krista Canfield ’03 photo

    Krista Canfield ’03

    Krista Canfield ’03 knows the importance of connections. As senior manager of corporate communications for LinkedIn, Canfield harnesses the power of her connections in the media industry to share all the good things happening at the company. And her professional journey started with her intelligent use of SU’s alumni network.

  • Katelin DeStefano ’10 photo

    Katelin DeStefano ’10

    As a lead designer for the marketing team of Western Athletic Clubs, a California-based network of fitness and wellness resorts, Katelin DeStefano ’10 credits her educators at SU’s School of Visual and Performing Arts for giving her the skills to advance quickly in her career.

  • Peter Hébert ’99 photo

    Peter Hébert ’99

    Peter Hébert ’99 dreamed of becoming a journalist, but it wasn't until he took an an introduction to entrepreneurship course at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management that he found his true calling.

  • Chad Rittgers ’01 photo

    Chad Rittgers ’01

    For self-professed “business development junkie” Chad Rittgers ’01, SU's Bay Area alumni network is a way to connect with alums at Silicon Valley giants like Google and Apple, as well as those involved in small technology startups.

  • Shay Zak ’84  photo

    Shay Zak ’84

    As the founder of Zak Architecture, Shay Zak ’84 enjoys creating buildings that can change how people view the world. “For us, a building is not just a place to dwell,” he says. “It’s a work of art and an expression of the dreams and passion within us all.”

  • Paulette Altmaier G’79 photo

    Paulette Altmaier G’79

    Paulette Altmaier G’79 has extensive experience in the high-tech industry, from networking infrastructure to consumer devices. Currently, Altmaier is vice president and general manager of Dell Cloud Business Applications, the technology company’s integrated customer relationship management solution for growing businesses.
  • Hank Greenwald ’57 photo

    Hank Greenwald ’57

    As a young boy listening to baseball on the radio in his native Detroit in the 1940s, Hank Greenwald ’57 was captivated by the stories told by Tigers announcer Harry Heilmann, himself a Hall of Fame player. Greenwald went on to pursue his dream at Syracuse University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in radio and television.

  • Philip Kaplan ’97 photo

    Philip Kaplan ’97

    Entrepreneur Philip Kaplan ’97 is  the founder and CEO of startup incubator ADHD Labs. He was previously the founder and CEO of AdBrite, an internet advertising company that grew from zero to $30 million in annual revenue in its first three years.

  • Jim Morris ’77, G’78 photo

    Jim Morris ’77, G’78

    Jim Morris ’77, G’78 is general manager and executive vice president of production at Pixar Animation Studios. He oversees production of the studio’s features, shorts, DVD content, and theme park activities, and manages studio tools, systems, development, and human resources departments.

  • Todd Rubin ’04 photo

    Todd Rubin ’04

    Todd Rubin ’04 is a vice president responsible for new business development, sales systems, and new product development for The Republic of Tea, a family-owned and operated company based in Novato, California. Utilizing his architecture background, Rubin oversaw the design of the company’s shipping center and its headquarters.
  • Joy Scull ’17 photo

    Joy Scull ’17

    The rigorous communications design program at the College of Visual and Performing Arts empowered Joy Scull ’17 to passionately pursue her dreams. This led to a prestigious award and an exciting design job with San Francisco's Godfrey Dadich Partners.