Elizabeth Hogan ’11

Liz HoganElizabeth “Liz” Hogan ’11, a standout lacrosse goalkeeper while at Syracuse, is now building a professional career in the sport. She's training to compete in the World Cup and took time to share her story.

Tell us briefly about your career path and where you are today.
I graduated from the School of Education, majoring in health and exercise science, with minors in psychology and coaching. Since graduating, I’ve continued my lacrosse career, working in the Division 1 coaching world at Colgate, Virginia Tech, and Stanford. I’ve recently started my own coaching business, 2lacrosse, which I am very excited about! I also continue to play on the United States National Team as a goalkeeper, and was just selected in the first round—chosen fourth overall—in the first-ever professional women’s lacrosse league for the Boston Storm.

When you look back on your life, what has your SU experience meant to you?
SU provided some of the fondest memories of my life. I learned so much in class that prepared me for my future, but more importantly, I took away so many life lessons from my athletic and personal experiences. To this day, my closest friends are those I made in Syracuse. I can’t imagine having gone to any other school; it’s meant everything to me.

Liz Hogan with maskWhat successes in your life (personal and professional) do you attribute to SU?
I attribute pretty much everything to my time at SU. From playing for legendary coach Gary Gait ’90 to all of the awesome professors I had at Syracuse, I don’t think I would be anywhere close to where I am today without my time at ‘Cuse.

What is your favorite memory of Syracuse University?
My favorite all-time memory obviously goes back to sports. In my freshman year, we played the University of North Carolina in the Dome for a chance to go to the Final Four—the first time ever in SU lacrosse program history. We won that game on an assist that I had to Jackie Depetris ’10—something very rare for goalies to have. It was such a thrill winning that game and spending time with my teammates on Marshall Street.

As an alum in the SF Bay Area, have you connected with other alumni in the region?
I’ve connected with a few of my old friends and teammates, but I’d love to get out there and meet more ‘Cuse alumni! Whether you’re into sports or not, I’m all about anyone who knows what the Varsity is (and doesn’t think it’s where Zack Morris hangs out).

Tell us about your involvement in the World Cup.
The World Cup for women’s lacrosse takes place every four years. The next time it will be held is in 2017 in Surrey, England. I have been competing on the United States Women’s National Team for almost five years. At the last World Cup held in Canada, I was a member of the training team—they only take 18, so I was one of the last “cut” from 24 down to 18. It’s my hope to make the travel squad this time around.

This summer, we’re taking a touring team of 24 individuals to England for a “dry run.” From this team, we will add a few new members in August and compete monthly. In January, we’ll have our final training weekend where they will make cuts down to 18 members. Each training weekend consists of games or practices—up to three a day—with some of the top talent in the country.

I do train on my own here in California. I have a personal trainer and work at a local high school as an assistant lacrosse coach, so I can stay in the game mentally. I also get my close friends to shoot on me as much as possible.